2018 National School for Experienced Ag Bankers

2018 National School for Experienced Ag BankersThe FINPACK team wants to alert you to an outstanding educational opportunity – the 2018 National School for Experienced Ag Bankers, being held June 25 – 29 at Black Hills State University in Spearfish, SD. CFFM has had a long relationship with this school, our staff is as part of the teaching team, along with a talented group of seasoned ag bankers.

Who Should Attend?

The National School for Experienced Ag Bankers targets experienced ag bankers who desire to further strengthen their knowledge and skills to deal with growing complexity of today’s agricultural credit environment. It also provides an outstanding venue to network with bankers from across the country who bring their unique experiences and perspectives.  Multiple case farm examples provide attendees a chance to practice their skills in evaluating problem credits, multiple entity situations, and advanced analytical methods. 

The location is great too, in the heart of the Black Hills. We think this is an outstanding chance to sharpen your skills in a great environment. Click here to learn more.

Why Do Accrual Adjustments Matter?

Why Accrual credit analysis, FINPACK AgricultureCash is king! Every business needs cash to meet its financial obligations. But how much cash a farm generates is not a very good indicator of how the business is performing.  One of the main reasons is cash basis taxation. The right to file taxes based on cash rather than accrual income gives farms tremendous flexibility to manage taxable income. The result is that very high performing farms and farms that are struggling financially often have similar bottom lines on their Schedule F’s. [Read more…]