ABA National Agricultural Bankers Conference

ABA National Agriculture Bankers Conference 2017

THANK YOU for attending the ABA National Agricultural Bankers Conference last week in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  The FINPACK Team appreciated the opportunity to interact with agricultural lenders from across the country at the Pre-Conference, Reception, and at our booth.  We hope you enjoyed the conference as well.  If you’d like your free personal FINPACK Webinar call (800) 234-1111 to schedule today.

FINPACK What’s New for 2017

FINPACK What's New Fall 2016In the FINPACK What’s New videos, we’ll look at the major updates for the Fall 2016 release of FINPACK. The biggest change involves how to handle CCC loans in FINPACK. Use this course to quickly understand and utilize the newest release of FINPACK.

Here is a breakdown of what is new in FINPACK for Fall of 2016…

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