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Credit Analysis

Commercial and agricultural credit analysis tools that generate the spreads and data
you need to evaluate a borrower’s repayment capacity and risk factors.

Credit Analysis

Analyze the performance of your business borrowers by generating balance sheet and income statement reports and spreads.

Past Performance

FINPACK’s credit analysis tools allow you to look at the performance of individual businesses or complete a global analysis.


Develop annual or monthly cash flow projections, including the capability to run multi-year scenarios.

Credit Quality

Use FINPACK’s credit analysis tools to evaluate the risk associated with the loan request. Complete a collateral analysis and create risk ratings and loan presentation templates to match your credit policies.

Credit Decisions

Efficiently and accurately evaluate credit requests of all sizes. Complete full underwriting for larger, more complex deals or use the customized scorecards for smaller, straightforward requests.

Flexibile Tools

Use FINPACK’s suite of tools to meet your credit analysis needs – income and balance sheet spreads, C & I, CRE, Global Cash Flow, Earned Net Worth, Collateral Analysis, Risk Rating and much more.

Commercial Credit Analysis

Commercial credit analysis tools in FINPACK® use balance sheet and tax return information to evaluate commercial borrowers. Use FINPACK® to develop financial spreads, complete a global cash flow, or analyze C & I or CRE credits. Finalize credit decisions with a customized risk rating and loan presentation for commercial credits.

Agricultural Credit Analysis

For agriculture, FINPACK® offers a full range of tools to help you analyze every situation. Use FINPACK® to develop financial spreads, cash flow projections, collateral analysis, risk rating and much more. Benchmark borrowers to peer farms using FINBIN, the largest farm financial database in the world.

  Agricultural Credit Analysis Commercial Credit Analysis
Balance Sheets
Balance Sheet Spreads
Tax Form Spreads
Income Statement Spreads
Global Cash Flow
Earned Net Worth Analysis
Sch. F Cash to Accrual Analysis
C & I Business Analysis
Peer Benchmark Comparison
CRE Analysis
Annual Cash Flow Projection
Monthly Cash Flow Projection
Collateral Analysis
Customized Risk Rating
Customized Loan Presentation Template
Portfolio Stress Testing
Customized Credit Decision Scorecard