Did you know?

Like any software, FINPACK has capabilities that users may be unaware of or have forgotten, as they aren’t often used.  We’ll explore some of these options here.

Printing a single page of output

When previewing the output from any FINPACK tool, a user can right-click anywhere in the output to print the page.  When right-clicking a dialog box will appear with the option to print output.  When this is selected another dialog box opens, allowing the selection of printer, page range, etc.

Printing a single page of FINPACK output.

Preview options

Users can designate the output that will generate when previewing FINPACK output by using the drop-down arrow alongside the “Preview Output” icon.  The options available for the specific FINPACK report output will display.  Users can then select or unselect sections of the output and designate other reporting options to include for the output.  FINPACK has default output designations for reports.  Using this feature allows users to update this.  Preview options includes features like “include detail” for cash flow projections; viewing output in whole dollars or thousands within the C & I Business Analysis; what years to include in output for several FINPACK tools; and much more.

Accessing preview options.

Adding non-FINPACK related attachments to Presentations

Non-FINPACK generated information can be included in the Presentation Manager for loan requests.  As many additional pdf documents as needed can be attached to the Presentation.  To do so, go to “Optional Attachments” in the File Navigator.  Within the FINPACK Output to Attach table, select “Other PDF Attachment” from the drop-down list.  This allows the user to give the additional attachment a description and select the pdf document to include.  This newly added attachment will be bundled with the presentation narrative and other FINPACK documents when printed.

Attaching non-FINPACK generated documents to a loan presentation.

These are a few examples of helpful tips for FINPACK users.  Watch for future segments of the “Did you know” feature for more lesser-known FINPACK capabilities.