Learn About the 2017-2018 FINPACK Update

The FINPACK Team is offering online videos and webinars for you and your team to learn about the updates to FINPACK released this past November.  These updates include the new cash flow projection tools and the addition of capital purchases and sales information in the balance sheets.  Details of these updates are found in the video below.

First, a brief series of online videos are available on our website at http://z.umn.edu/WhatsNewFINPACK.  These are available by specific topic to learn more about the updates with the latest FINPACK release.

In addition, we have posted a full recorded webinar that includes more in-depth details on these updates. This recorded webinar can be accessed by playing the video above, as well as here.  

We encourage you to share this with anyone on your team who wants to know about the recent FINPACK release.