Press the F1 Key for Help in FINPACKWe know users sometimes have questions as they work in FINPACK.  Help is readily available and easily accessible wherever you are at in FINPACK.  Access Help by:


  • F1 – pressing F1 in FINPACK will take you directly to the related Help topic. This can be done in data entry or when using preview in financial tools. 

Other Help tools:

  • Help + Contents – by going to Contents in the Help menu, the user is able to access the full contents of FINPACK Help. You are able also able to search for specific topics within Help.  The full FINPACK User’s Manual is found here free of charge.  
  • FINPACK Knowledge Base – the FINPACK Knowledge Base has several resources available for users. This includes input forms for FINPACK tools and other helpful resources like the Farm Finance Scorecard.  (The FINPACK Knowledge Base can also be accessed in the Help Menu in FINPACK.)
  • FINPACK Software Updates – FINPACK is updated on an ongoing basis.  To ensure you have the latest version of the software, periodically go to Software Updates in the Help menu.  This function allows you to check for recent updates.  The capability to update FINPACK in this manner is also available for the annual release each fall.

Still have questions?  Contact Tech Support during regular business hours.  Our Tech Support team is readily available to answer your questions.  Feel free to contact them at 800-234-1111 or