FINPACK Training Options

FINPACK Training - Classroom, Online, Custom, and the FINPACK Lenders Conference

There are several training options available to sharpen your FINPACK skills.  Training opportunities are varied to best meet your training needs and schedule.

Training Offerings

Classroom Training:  FINPACK Lender training is a comprehensive, two-day training offered three times a year.  The next training opportunity is Oct. 16 & 17 in St. Paul, MN.  The FINPACK Team offers this fast-paced, interactive training covers all the FINPACK components, with a focus on the credit analysis of agricultural and commercial businesses.

Online Training:  FINPACK Online Training provides comprehensive training at your pace, on the topics important to you.  Short videos walk you through basic and advanced data entry and statement interpretation.  There are even quizzes and case situations for you to practice and test your knowledge.

Custom Training:  Customized FINPACK training is also available for institutions.  These training sessions are tailored to the needs of your institution.  There are several options available from on-site, tailored webinars, to hybrid offerings.

FINPACK Lender’s Conference:  The FINPACK Lender’s Conference provides economic updates and other timely topics related to credit analysis and your work as a lender.  The conference also provides updates, sneak peeks, and training related to FINPACK.

Learn more about these FINPACK training options on our website and contact us to further discuss options.  We want our customers to be proficient users of FINPACK and are committed to providing the training needed to reach that status.