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Detailed and Summary Balance Sheets

Agriculture Balance Sheet Spreads

Balance sheet data entry is simple and straightforward. Once the first balance sheet is complete, it is easy to copy and revise for the next renewal season. FINPACK provides two formats – detailed or summary.

Detailed Balance Sheet:

  • Generate ratio analysis, including working capital, current ratio, and debt to asset ratio
  • Automatically create trend reports
  • Data flows directly into cash flow to minimize data entry
  • Consolidate financial information from multiple entities
  • Input forms can be used to gather customer data or use forms with last year’s values displayed
  • Or get customer data electronically using FINPACK Lite, a free balance sheet-only version of FINPACK available to your customers

Summary Balance Sheet:

  • Input simple, single column format
  • Quick and easy balance sheet format for small or low risk customers
  • Useful to enter historical BS trends for a new customers

Both formats provide data directly to FINPACK’s Schedule F analysis, risk rating and the loan presentation manager.

Balance Sheet Sample Output

FINPACK Agricultural Balance Sheet