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Tax Forms and Income Statement

Agriculture Tax Forms Income Statement

When you need a quick and easy source of historical financial performance, FINPACK’s tax database is the answer. You can enter data for Schedules F, C, E, or Form 1040, Form 1065, Partnerships, Form 1120 Corporate, or Form 1120-S. You can also enter accountant prepared income statements.

With Tax Forms and Income Statement, you can:

  • Using any of the tax databases or the income statement, you can spread historical income and expenses
  • Automatically import last year’s or the average of several past year’s historic income and expenses into your cash flow projections
  • Use the Schedule F data to develop cash-to-accrual Schedule F Analysis
  • Consolidate income statements and tax databases from multiple entries

Tax Forms and Income Statement Sample Output

FINPACK Agricultural Tax Forms

FINPACK Agricultural Tax Forms 2