Commercial Credit Analysis

Commercial Credit Analysis

Whatever the type of commercial credit, FINPACK has the tools you need to quickly and thoroughly analyze the request.  Let FINPACK’s powerful commercial credit analysis tools help you reduce risk, increase efficiencies, and gain customers.

C&I Analysis

Use data from tax returns and balance sheets to generate sophisticated financial analyses, global cash flow analyses, risk rating reports, and more.

Commercial Real Estate

Understand the sensitivity of a property’s ability to meet its debt obligations by calculating supportable loan amounts and vacancy rate thresholds.

Credit Decision Scorecard

Develop your own customized scorecard using the criteria most important to you and evaluate customer data compared to minimum approval criteria that you establish.

Portfolio Risk Analyst

Stress test your customers individually or segment your portfolio using custom criteria.  Conduct shock analysis on customer groups to gain greater insight.

Financial Analysis


Credit Analysis



Whether your institution is ag-focused, mostly commercial, or somewhere in between, FINPACK can help you make loans more efficiently and with less risk. Fill in the contact form below to receive free information about FINPACK.