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Income Spreads

Commercial Income Spreads

Use Tax Forms and Income Statements to gather historical financial information. Whether you are working from audited income statements, company prepared income statements or tax returns, this section of FINPACK’s financial spreads cover all your bases.

With Income Spreads, you can:

  • Spread historical income and expenses from any of the following formats:
    Schedule C, Schedule F, Form 1065 Partnerships, Form 1120 Corporate, Form 1120-S Corporate, Schedule E, Form 8825 rentals, personal financial statements, and company prepared or accountant prepared statements
  • Provide data for the Commercial Real Estate Analysis, C&I Financial Analysis, RMA comparisons and Global Cashflow Analysis
  • Consolidate financial history from multiple entities
  • Transfer historic data into cash flow plans
  • Income Spreads

Income Spreads Sample Output

FINPACK Commercial IncomeSpreads