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FINPACK for Individuals

FINPACK: Agriculture Credit Analysis Software for Farmers

FINPACK provides more than just valuable tools for banking credit analysis.  It also offers you tools to empower customers to make better business decisions.


Lenders who use FINPACK have the option of giving a free version of FINPACK to their borrowers. This FINPACK Lite version includes a balance sheet, which allows your borrowers to better understand their finances and it.  It also reduces data entry time by allowing borrowers to easily provide their lender with an electronic version of their balance sheet.

FINPACK Personal Version

For agricultural producers, there is a personal version of FINPACK available that will help producers understand and manage their finances. Thousands of producers throughout the country use FINPACK on their own farms and ranches to stay on top of their financial position and plan for the future. Click here to learn more about purchasing the Personal Version of FINPACK.