Report Preview Options

FINPACK Report Preview OptionsDid you realize there are options that can be selected when previewing output from FINPACK tools?  The drop-down arrow on the right side of the Preview Output icon allows the user to select the output options to be viewed when previewing.   Clicking the drop-down arrow brings up a dialogue box where the preview options are selected.

Options Available

Preview options available are dependent upon the FINPACK tool.  Some options are typically found in all FINPACK tools, such as:

  • Which years or statements to include.
  • Specific report sections of output to be viewed.
  • Whether to include detailed output, notes, averages, and the like.
Report Preview Options

FINPACK Report Preview Icon

Preview Options for specific FINPACK tools

  • Detailed Balance Sheet:
    • Asset values to display. Both cost and market or only cost or only market.
    • Whether to include the signature block on the front page.
    • Whether to print the assets listed as sold within the detailed input.
  • C & I Business Analysis & CRE (Commercial Real Estate) Analysis:
    • Whether to show output in thousands or whole dollars.
  • Budgets:
    • Which enterprise budgets to include.
    • Whether to include historic data detail.
  • Long Range Budget (FINLRB):
    • Which alternatives to include.
  • Collateral Analysis:
    • Whether to include detailed (Individual asset & prior lien detail) or summary information for output.


Preview Options provide helpful selection choices when viewing output.  Generally, options include the sections of output included in the report and the level of detail.  Consider looking at Preview Options the next time you are using any of the FINPACK tools to customize the output to your needs.