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Grow your business with superior credit analysis

For over 30 years, FINPACK has helped lenders make sound credit analysis decisions. And today, with decades of innovation and development, FINPACK can help your institution grow, too.

Efficiency is important in today’s lending.  With FINPACK, your loan officers can work smarter and faster.  Whether it’s improving loan volume or making lending decisions in less time, FINPACK can help you gain efficiencies in credit analysis that you haven’t had before.

Risk can be a lender’s worst enemy.  That’s where FINPACK comes in.  With customizable risk ratings, credit decision scorecards, and stress tests, you can be sure that every decision you make is as informed and accurate as possible.

Today’s customers aren’t just looking for loans; they want a business relationship that gives them and their businesses peace of mind.  FINPACK has the tools you need to build solid relationships with your customers.  With file sharing features that help you collect customer data more easily and concise reports that make sense to customers, you can be certain that you are providing customers with superior service.

To see how FINPACK can meet your business and credit analysis needs now and in the future, contact us today for more information.