Spreadsheets vs. Software

Spreadsheets vs Software in Credit AnalysisAre you still using spreadsheets to complete the annual credit analysis on your customers?  Do your spreadsheets provide you the best information on a customer’s financial position?  Have your spreadsheets left you with questions related to your bank’s true risk?  If so, FINPACK Credit Analysis Solutions software is the tool you’ve been looking for!

FINPACK has been used by lenders since 1980 and sets the industry standard for superior credit analysis tools, training, and technical support.

Advantages of FINPACK

  • Efficiency – FINPACK is fast and easy to learn. You will accomplish your credit analysis in record time, making you more effective and efficient at your job.  FINPACK starts with balance sheets and tax forms and then helps you complete other financial analysis.
  • Better Information – FINPACK delivers better information about your customers’ financial situation. Balance sheets, accrual financial analysis, historical spreads, consolidations, global cash flow, and cash flow projections all provide a more detailed and accurate picture of past and projected borrower performance.
  • Customer Relations – the customer financial information you receive from the tools in FINPACK will give you the edge when working with customers. You’ll have the ability to share understandable, relevant information with customers that they can, in turn, use to better manage their business.
  • Cost Effective – when compared to other systems or maintaining your own spreadsheets, FINPACK saves you money – period.


FINPACK Credit Analysis applications help you gain efficiencies and reduce risk across your business.  FINPACK is the credit analysis solution that can help you work smarter and serve your customers better.  All of your lenders will be on the same page, using the same tools, and examiner visits will be less stressing.  FINPACK has tools to assist your institution with both agricultural & commercial credit analysis and loan portfolio stress testing. To learn more about our software solutions, request a free personalized webinar:
Contact FINPACK at 800-234-1111 or Sales@FINPACK.com.