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FINPACK Events Training

Learn FINPACK in the way that is most convenient for you

FINPACK is intuitive and easy to use, but a little training may help you discover all of FINPACK’s powerful features more quickly.  That’s why FINPACK offers you training options that work best for your institution.  Our classroom training is offered throughout the year, and gives you the opportunity to interact with FINPACK’s creators and other lenders, while working through case studies in FINPACK. 

For those who want more flexibility and convenience, FINPACK’s online training allows you to learn anytime, anywhere.  With optional quizzes to evaluate lender understanding, you can be sure that everyone will be on the same page. 

And if these two options don’t meet your needs, we also offer customized training, either on-site at your bank or via webinar.  You can mix and match all of these options to make sure FINPACK works for you.

To see how FINPACK’s training can help you get on the path to smart lending decisions, schedule a webinar demo with our team.