Using FINPACK Lite to Collect Customer Balance Sheets

To complete a credit analysis on a current or prospective borrower, an accurate balance sheet is crucial.  Actually getting balance sheet information from a customer is even more crucial.  Having a streamlined way to get balance sheets saves both the bank and the borrower time.  FINPACK Lite, a free balance sheet only version of FINPACK available to bank customers, makes collecting balance sheets easier.  As a Lender with FINPACK, you have the rights to distribute FINPACK Lite to your customers.

The Process

When borrowers download a copy of the software they can easily and accurately enter their balance sheet information.  The customer can either email their balance sheet file to you, or they can bring a flash drive to the bank and you can simply import their balance sheet copy into their file.  Letting your customers know about this FINPACK feature will save you both time.  Call us today at 1-800-234-1111 for more information or tips on using FINPACK Lite.