FINPACK Lenders Conference

Join us for the FINPACK Lenders Conference at the Radisson Blu Mall of America in Bloomington, Minnesota on December 12 and 13, 2017.  

Highlights of the agenda include:

  • Trump, Trade & the Regional Economy:  Black Swans and Golden Geese – Surveys of Bankers and Manufacturers, Ernie Gross
  • Ag Policy Under the Trump Administration and the Current Congress, Barry Flinchbaugh
  • Connecting the Dots, David Kohl
  • Credit Risk 2017-2018:  Answers to Critical Questions, David Kohl
  • Producer Financial Trends and Expectations, Dale Nordquist and Robert Craven
  • Post-Harvest Marketing Tips, Edward Usset
  • FINPACK New Feature Buffet

For the full agenda and other conference information, go to  To register, please go to:  Attendance at the event will cost $249 per person.  Pre-registration is required.  Registration cancellations will be refunded until November 29, 2017, subject to a $25 processing fee.  No refunds will be issued after this date.

FINPACK What’s New Fall 2017?


In the FINPACK What’s New videos, we’ll look at the major updates for the Fall 2017 release of FINPACK.  The most notable new features updated projection tools and enhanced capital purchase and sales entries.  Use these videos to quickly understand the new features, to best utilize the newest release of FINPACK.

Here is a breakdown of what is new in FINPACK for the Fall of 2017…

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ABA National Agricultural Bankers Conference

ABA National Agriculture Bankers Conference 2017

THANK YOU for attending the ABA National Agricultural Bankers Conference last week in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  The FINPACK Team appreciated the opportunity to interact with agricultural lenders from across the country at the Pre-Conference, Reception, and at our booth.  We hope you enjoyed the conference as well.  If you’d like your free personal FINPACK Webinar call (800) 234-1111 to schedule today.

FINPACK Knowledge Base

FINPACK Knowledge Base

FINPACK Knowledge Base has resources, input forms, and other helpful topics to aid in using FINPACK.   Go to this website as you begin using FINPACK or if you are looking for helpful hints and tricks to enhance your use of the software.  The FINPACK Knowledge Base website contains timely topics to help you get the most out of FINPACK.

A sample of resources found in FINPACK Knowledge Base include:

What are Deferred Liabilities?

Deferred Liabilities

Deferred liabilities are the taxes and other expenses to be paid when assets are sold.  Deferred taxes are the difference between the balance sheet value of an asset and its tax basis.  In other words, if the business is liquidated, what taxes would be due on current inventories and capital assets? 

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‘File is newer than expected’ message


If a FINPACK file is opened and a message appears stating ‘File is newer than expected’, it is because someone else has opened that file with a newer version of FINPACK. To check on the status of your software version, go to Help + Software Updates and click ‘Check for Updates’.

If you do have an older version of FINPACK, this process will allow you to update to the latest version. Once this update process is completed, you should be able to open FINPACK file.  If you still can’t open the file or if your version is the latest one, please call or email Tech Support at 1-800-234-1111 or  

Importing Data from Another FINPACK File

Importing Data from Another FINPACK File

FINPACK allows users to import data from a different FINPACK data file into their current file. This feature allows the receiving file to add or import new data, without overwriting the remaining contents of the file.

An example of when to use this feature is a lender wanting to import a Detailed Balance Sheet already completed by an educator or customer in FINPACK Lite. By importing the data, the lender’s file maintains intact with the historical reports like Presentations, Collateral Analysis, Risk Reports, etc. The lender is also able to then modify the balance sheet (in this example) as deemed appropriate.

File + Import is used in the open FINPACK file to bring the desired FINPACK data in from another source. More detailed information regarding importing data into FINPACK can be found online in the FINPACK Knowledge Base.

Consolidating Detailed Balance Sheets and Tax Forms

Consolidating Detailed Balance Sheets and Tax Forms

Farm and other small business credit analysis becomes increasingly difficult when the business owner(s) has organized into multiple entities. Commonly, multiple entities are created for tax and/or liability reasons. To aid in credit analysis for operations of this type, FINPACK allows users to quickly consolidate the balance sheets or tax forms from several different data files into a single file. By consolidating these financial statements, the lender can quickly garner the most complete, global financial picture of their borrower.

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FINPACK What’s New for 2017

FINPACK What's New Fall 2016

In the FINPACK What’s New videos, we’ll look at the major updates for the Fall 2016 release of FINPACK. The biggest change involves how to handle CCC loans in FINPACK. Use this course to quickly understand and utilize the newest release of FINPACK.

Here is a breakdown of what is new in FINPACK for Fall of 2016…

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Profit Margins are TIGHT

Profit Margins Are TIGHT

You’re working hard to manage your finances and, as you know, the right tool makes every job easier.

FINPACK is the easy-to-use farm financial management tool which helps you MAXIMIZE your profits.

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