Which financial analysis tool is best?

The best financial analysis tool for agricultural analysis.

FINPACK’s agricultural credit analysis suite of tools includes several options for completing financial analysis on your farm and ranch customers.  These tools help you as a lender look at the past performance of the farming operation when considering the farm’s annual renewal.  Each of these tools can help evaluate profitability and farm financial performance trends of the operation over time.  FINPACK is a bit like a Swiss army knife, it has lots of tools available.  You choose which of these tools is best for you, your customers, and the credit situation. Let’s take a look at each of these tools and when they are best utilized.

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2020 National School for Experienced Ag Bankers

National School for Experienced Ag Bankers 2020

The FINPACK Team wants to alert you to an outstanding educational opportunity – the 2020 National School for Experienced Ag Bankers, being held June 22-25 at Black Hills State University in Spearfish, SD. The Center for Farm Financial Management has had a long relationship with this school, with our staff serving as part of the teaching team, along with a talented group of seasoned ag bankers.

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FINPACK Training Scheduled

FINPACK Classroom training for Commercial Lending - 2020

The Center for Farm Financial Management (CFFM) is once again offering FINPACK Training for agricultural and commercial lenders. This session will take place on May 6-7, 2020.

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Top 5 Cash Discrepancy Culprits

Top 5 Reasons for Cash DiscrepanciesThere are always tricky situations that leave you scratching your head on how to get a customer’s year-end analysis balanced when it comes to cash in and cash out.  Whether you are using the Schedule F Cash to Accrual Analysis or the Financial Analysis (FINAN) there are some common culprits to track down cash discrepancies in these tools.
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Spreadsheets vs. Software

Spreadsheets vs Software in Credit AnalysisAre you still using spreadsheets to complete the annual credit analysis on your customers?  Do your spreadsheets provide you the best information on a customer’s financial position?  Have your spreadsheets left you with questions related to your bank’s true risk?  If so, FINPACK Credit Analysis Solutions software is the tool you’ve been looking for! [Read more…]

What’s a fair cropland rental rate?

What is a fair cropland rental rate?

“What should I pay for land rent?”  This is a common question received by lenders and other ag professionals this time of year.  The problem is, there’s no easy answer.  Often times farmers get the response of, “it depends”. 

What if there was a solution to help farmers figure out the answer to this age-old question?  That would be genius, right?  Well, one such solution exists – FairRent

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Where did my cash flows go?

“Where did my cash flows go?”

This is the panic call FINPACK Tech Support has currently been receiving. As the credit renewal season begins, many users are quickly becoming aware Legacy Projections have been removed from the main file navigation dialog with the 2019 FINPACK annual update. Don’t fret, legacy projections are still available for viewing and use in customer FINPACK files.

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Tools for renewal season

FINPACK Tools for loan renewal season 2019 2020

It is hard to believe 2019 is coming to a close and the 2020 renewal season is just around the corner.  As you prepare for loan renewals at your lending institution, consider these FINPACK tools to help make the process smoother and more streamlined for you and your customer.

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Thank You!

Thank You, from the FINPACK Team

The FINPACK Team would like to thank you all for making our recent events a success!  We enjoyed connecting with our users at the ABA Agricultural Bankers Conference in November.  Thank you for connecting with us at the FINPACK Team’s conference presentations; at the FINPACK Grand Opening Reception; and at our FINPACK booth.  It is always great to connect with friends and answer questions! 

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