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FINPACK Shortcuts

by | Jul 8, 2020

FINPACK Keyboard Shortcuts and Icons ChartFINPACK has a number of useful shortcuts that can aid users with data entry and general program utility.  Use the following chart full of helpful icons and keyboard shortcuts to increase your speed and efficiency while using FINPACK.

Icon Name Keyboard Shortcut Description
FINPACK File Open Icon File Open Ctrl + O Displays the full list of FINPACK files in your directory.  This is the same action as clicking More… when first entering FINPACK.
FINPACK Save Icon Save Ctrl + S Saves updated information in the currently open FINPACK file.
FINPACK Print Icon Print Ctrl + P Opens the Print dialog box, where the user can print the current document to a printer or a file. In this dialog box, the user can also select the pieces of output to be printed and can preview the output.
FINPACK Reminders Icon Reminders n/a Allows a user to notate action steps or reminders associated with a particular file. Here tasks can be scheduled and progress can be tracked when completing the credit analysis of a specific file. Reminders can be displayed whenever the file is opened or when an uncompleted task is past due.

Reminders consist of 4 parts:

  • Completed? – where the reminder task is checked as completed
  • Due Date – the date the reminder is to be completed
  • Item – specific item within the FINPACK file needing completion; like Balance Sheet, or Budget
  • Description – details regarding the task to complete
FINPACK Loan Calculator Icon Loan Calculator n/a Freestanding loan calculator aids in the entry of a new loan or editing an existing loan within the Balance Sheet, Cash Flow Projection (FINFLO) or Long Range Plan (FINLRB). Both amortized and fixed principal loans can be modeled using the calculator.
FINPACK Calculator Icon Calculator = Basic calculator for completing simple calculations. The results can be pasted into the current data entry cell in FINPACK financial statements.
FINPACK Preview Output Icon Preview Output n/a Preview the output of the current financial statement or tool that is open in FINPACK. By selecting the drop-down arrow on the right of the icon, the user is able to select the output options available with that statement.
FINPACK Zoom In Zoom In n/a When previewing a document, a user can further Zoom In on the output.
 FINPACK Zoom Out Zoom Out n/a When previewing a document, a user can further Zoom Out the output.
FINPACK View / Edit Detail View/Edit Detail F3 Takes the user into the detail entry of the particular data entry point in FINPACK. Detail is typically an option within FINPACK financial statements but is never required. For example, the cash and checking balance can be entered on the main Current Assets level on the Balance Sheet. Or the user can click the View/Edit Detail icon to enter detailed information regarding deposit accounts and the corresponding balance.  Clicking on the three dots in the data entry field opens detail too.
FINPACK View / Edit Notes View/Edit Notes Ctrl + N A notepad associated with each FINPACK financial statement. Here users can notate important items regarding the customer, data entry, or other items as needed. Notes can then be printed with the output of the particular financial statement.
FINPACK Delete Delete n/a Delete an existing item is available in FINPACK. By clicking the trash can icon, a user can delete a whole financial statement in FINPACK. Or, the entire entry in a detail dialog box can be deleted by clicking this icon as well. A warning box will be initiated when the Delete icon is selected, to ensure the user wants to delete the particular item. Note a balance sheet or budget cannot be deleted associated with another FINPACK plan or analysis.
FINPACK Cut Cut Ctrl + X When in a detail dialog box, a user is able to “Cut” data to be pasted elsewhere or deleted. This functions like “cut” in other programs.
FINPACK Copy Icon Copy Ctrl + C When in a detail dialog box, a user is able to “Copy” data to be pasted elsewhere in data entry. This functions like “copy” in other programs.
FINPACK Paste Icon Paste Ctrl + V When in a detail dialog box, a user is able to “Paste” data to that has been copied elsewhere in data entry. This functions like “paste” into other programs.
FINPACK Repeat Last Number Icon Repeat Last Number Ctrl + R When in a detail dialog box, a user is able to Repeat the Last Number entered by clicking on this icon.
FINPACK Undo Icon Undo Ctrl + Z When in a detail dialog box, a user is able to Undo their last action by clicking on this icon.
FINPACK Insert Row Icon Insert a Row Ctrl + I When in a detail dialog box, a user is able to Insert a Row above the current row their cursor is located in.
FINPACK Delete Row Icon Delete a Row Ctrl + D When in a detail dialog box, a user is able to Delete the Row their cursor is located in.
FINPACK Help Icon Help F1 Help contents are initiated. The Help contents will navigate to the user’s current data entry location to provide specific help. The Help contents can be further queried or searched for other topics.

FINPACK Shortcuts Printable Chart

Download and print a handy reference of some helpful keyboard shortcuts for FINPACK, directly from the FINPACK Knowledge Base.

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