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FINPACK+: The complete loan management solution

by | Jan 25, 2021


Is your financial institution in search of a credit management solution that seamlessly integrates loan process?  Are you looking to reduce origination costs, improve compliance, and speed loan approvals?  Are you looking for a cloud-based SaaS solution with the flexibility work offline?  FINPACK+ is now available to your needs.


FINPACK+ has all the tools you need for end to end loan management. 

  • Credit Analysis – commercial and agricultural credit analysis tools that generate the spreads and data you need to evaluate a borrower’s repayment capacity and risk factors.  Credit Analysis is comprised of the underwriting tools you’ve come to expect from FINPACK.
  • Workflow – customized templates designed by your team to align with your underwriting process.  Workflows help improve loan turn around time and ensure all steps are complete to improve compliance.
  • Task Lists – generate automatic ‘to-do’ lists for credit team members to efficiently process loans.  Task Lists help manage the steps of the credit process and work in tandem with FINPACK’s Workflow tool.  Task Lists can be used to help manage the entire life of the loan. Create ticklers for all customer and loan needs – from request to post-servicing.
  • Document Management – digitally store and manage all of a customer’s loan-related documents in one place. Securely store any type of customer document in this electron file storage system.  Document management automatically contains the latest versions of credit analysis reports and integrates with Workflows to upload documents as tasks are completed.
  • Credit Decisions – assists with assembling the credit presentation packet for decisioning and keeps a permanent record of these documents.  Credit Decisions also records the loan approval chain, documenting comments, conditions, and covenants along the way providing records of loan approvals for audit and compliance.

Hosted Solution

FINPACK+ is a cloud-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) that reduces your IT and security responsibilities.  Your credit team can collaborate efficiently in a flexible work environment in the Cloud.  Our solution is SOC 2 compliant, with robust, industry-leading security controls.  

FINPACK+ provides the flexibility to work offline as well.  If you are going to a customer location without reliable internet access, you can download the Credit Analysis file to your local machine before heading out.  When you return, simply check the file back in.

Learn More

FINPACK+ is now available to all financial institutions.  If you are a current FINPACK customer, your transition to FINPACK+ will be quick and easy.  If you are a new customer, FINPACK+ is the solution you have been looking for. Contact us today to learn more and schedule a personalized demonstration.

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