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FINPACK+: Task Lists for efficient loan processing

by | Oct 13, 2021

FINPACK+ Task Lists

Task Lists in FINPACK+ help manage the efficiency and timeliness of loan processing activities for your team. Task Lists provide a ‘to-do’ list for credit team members, to ensure all steps of the credit process from request through the life of the loan are completed in the most efficient and timely manner.


When each FINPACK+ user logs in, they are presented with their personal dashboard. Prominent in this display is a list of all their current, past due, and upcoming tasks. This list includes tasks associated with a workflow for a particular credit decision, custom one-off tasks, or recurring tasks. As well as displaying each user’s tasks in their dashboard, FINPACK+ also generates email notifications each time a task is assigned, ensuring users are notified of each task they are responsible for.

Workflow Integration

Task Lists work in tandem with the FINPACK+ Workflow tool. The workflow is created for each credit decision and is customized by your organization to reflect your own practices and preferences. Each workflow not only outlines the necessary steps needed to process that specific credit request but also identifies the individuals assigned to each task. Tasks can be assigned to a group (ex: credit analysis team) or a specific team member. Assigning a task to an individual in a workflow automatically generates an email notification, and adds that task to that user’s dashboard.

Custom & Recurring Tasks

As well as using tasks in conjunction with workflows, FINPACK+ allows users to create custom tasks. These tasks can be one-off or reminders about recurring tasks such as collecting a customer’s annual financial data or balance sheets. Just as with tasks generated by workflows, custom tasks can be assigned to a group or individual, appear in the assigned user’s personal dashboard, and trigger an email notification. Custom tasks give you the tools to add flexibility and universality to your credit operations.

Prevent bottlenecks

Task Lists allow management to monitor the timeliness and efficiency of credit operations. All actions are time-stamped, allowing management to identify bottlenecks and develop solutions to ensure the most efficient credit processing.

FINPACK+’s Task Lists let you centralize and coordinate all the steps needed for thorough and efficient credit operations, helping you manage the entire life of the loan. Create ticklers for all customer and loan needs from request to post-servicing, providing individuals and groups within your organization the tools they need to manage their assigned work related to loan request, processing, and management. 

FINPACK+’s Task List tool will improve the efficiency and timeliness of all loan processing and loan management activities for your team. Reach out today to learn more and schedule a personalized demonstration.

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